Time to Reflect

September 22, 2015
Jim Windebank

Bigfoot SEO began in April 2014 when myself and my family relocated back to the UK after living in Melbourne. Throughout my four years in Australia, I had worked within a small leisure business and this is where I taught myself how to optimise the company’s website. The results where amazing and from then on, I got the bug for optimising. My background is in engineering, but helping other small businesses to improve their online presence is a challenge that I enjoy more than any. The Bigfoot journey has been a whirlwind and it is now a good time to reflect on a well overdue blog post.

I guess I’d like to share with you, what Bigfoot is about. The initial concept was to improve SEO of existing websites but I have found that my clients all want their website rebuilt with SEO best practice as the foundation. The most common factor for my clients wanting to rebuild their website is responsiveness. Mobile has exploded and everyone here in the UK are digesting content via their smart phones and tablets. It seems that many small business owners have poor quality websites that don’t meet their or their customers needs. Whether thats not being responsive, not being optimised, or simply looking like a dinosaur. For me it’s always very clear to see where the improvement needs to be made and can implement straight away. Websites are designed to get your business seen and to get you more business.

I found that word-of-mouth has been my main source of work. Every job so far has lead to another client, which validates that the Bigfoot experience is working and needed. My approach is absolute honesty and hard work. I am happy to show clients exactly what needs to be updated and improved and tell them how to fix it, no secrets or unknowns. I don’t even mind giving tutorials so that clients are able to make basic website updates themselves if they have time to do so. My job is to make your life easier and to show that best practise always wins. No cheats, no quick fixes, just get your site built to last, with optimisation in mind and you’ll see the results.

So that’s it, no big secret to Bigfoot SEO’s success, just a bit of creative flair, knowledge, hard work, and honesty.

You’re wondering about the poodle aren’t you? Ted is still a happy office pup. He gets walked at lunchtime, but definitely looks forward to his evening cruise round Poole park the most. He’s finished growing now, and has few more tricks under his belt, but I haven’t managed to teach him to answer the phone!

Jim & Ted

Time to Reflect from Bigfoot SEO

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